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If you want to take your garage flooring or entertaining area flooring to the next level, talk to the experts at Crated Crete Floors. We specialize in providing top-quality epoxy flooring on the Gold Coast, in many colours and designs, quickly and efficiently. If you need such a product for your property, contact us anytime and we will make it happen for you.

The trusted name in Epoxy Flooring on the Gold Coast

Epoxy Floor coatings have become the latest in contemporary stylish flooring systems. Popular in commercial and industrial applications, epoxy floors are also becoming sought after in residential homes.

Our Epoxy Floor provides a highly durable and slip-resistant surface that will transform your dull and tired floors into a highly decorative and functional space.

For this reason, a lot of companies use our services to get the best quality garage floor for their building. Our team at Crafted Crete Floors provides only the best epoxy flooring solutions, no matter how big or small the area.

We have a huge range of epoxy flooring options on the Gold Coast with advanced technology and techniques for best-quality outcomes for our clients. There are so many variations and options available it’s almost impossible to not find the right style for you.

Epoxy flooring Gold Coast


  • We Use High-Quality Epoxy
  • Reliable And Prompt Quotes
  • Years Of Experience
  • Great Prices
  • Honest Advice
  • Fully Insured
  • QBCC Licenced
  • Warranty

Epoxy Applications

  • Garages
  • Alfresco Areas
  • Pool Surrounds
  • Driveways
  • Living Areas
  • Bedrooms
  • Commercial Areas and Kitchens
  • Retail Stores


  • Easy to Clean
  • Durable and Slip Resistant
  • Resistant to Spills
  • Withstands Continuous Traffic
  • Eliminates Harmful Concrete
  • Attractive Alternative Stained Concrete

Why choose epoxy flooring for your Gold Coast home or business

We have a huge range of epoxy flooring options on the Gold Coast with advanced technology and techniques for best-quality outcomes for our clients. There are so many variations and options available it’s almost impossible to not find the right style for you.

Epoxy floor coatings have become the latest trend in contemporary stylish floors. They are popular among commercial and industrial applications but many homeowners want them too for their durability, slip resistance, and decorative features that transform dull old surfaces into bright new ones. Epoxy Flooring provides a durable surface with an attractive finish to protect your home from chipping or fading over time while also providing you with plenty of style options such as gloss finishes or marble effects!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is epoxy flooring easy to install?

If you’re looking for an easy solution to having a floor that’s both durable and quick-to-install, Epoxy flooring is your best bet on the Gold Coast! Crafted Crete Floors has years of experience installing these types of floors. Count on the team to get the job done right with minimal impact on your home or office space. The product doesn’t take long at all to apply and install and before you know it you will be walking on your new epoxy flooring.

One of the biggest problems that many find regarding custom floorwork is the amount of work it usually takes. For companies that are renovating their interiors while their business is still operating, a quick and easy turn around is required. In this case, the experts at Crafted Crete Floors are the ones for the job. We will install your epoxy flooring solution as quick as possible and leave your space looking spick and span afterwards.

Is epoxy flooring easy to maintain?

Cleaning and maintaining your epoxy flooring on the Gold Coast is easy. Because of its resin and glossy finish, almost anything that is spilled on the floor can be cleaned with ease, in fact, a few wipes with a mop should do it. This means there’s no need to stress about unsightly blotches being left behind. Since the seamless nature of an epoxy floor prevents mould from growing in nooks and crannies, it also guarantees you will not have any allergens lurking around either.

The finish of the Epoxy flooring we provide on the Gold Coast is smooth and pristine. Therefore, you can easily keep it clean and smooth whether you regularly maintain it or not. For industrial and commercial spaces, this provides dream-level flooring.

Is epoxy flooring good value for money?

Epoxy flooring is a great option for people investing in their homes and business on the Gold Coast, as it not only offers extreme strength but also reduces maintenance costs. Unlike other types of floors, epoxy flooring does not require restoring or repairing and will save you time and money long term!

In terms of Epoxy flooring on the Gold Coast, you don’t have to worry about blowing the budget. We will work withing your budget to provide the best cost-effective solution for your epoxy flooring on the Gold Coast.

Is epoxy flooring stylish?

Epoxy floors are a great way to add some style and flair to your home or commercial building on the Gold Coast. They come in many different colours such as metallic or flake finishes that will suit any space beautifully. Be the envy of your friends and neighbours with your brand-new epoxy flooring.

They say that copying something is the greatest form of flattery, so if epoxy flooring is gaining in popularity, then there must be something in it. The benefits are many and the ease of installation make epoxy flooring a great option when thinking about resurfacing the floors at your home or office.

To spruce up your floor, the clean and smooth epoxy flooring that we specialize in is a good choice for you. We finish off all our floors with a UV stable Polyurethane finish, to leave behind a long-lasting gorgeous floor.

If you need a unique flooring solution for your garage or entertaining area, Crafted Crete Floors are your one stop shop for all things epoxy flooring on the Gold Coast.